Environmental Promise


  • Average Crew Carwash uses only 30 gallons of water
  • 40% recycled water and 60% fresh water
  • Commercial car washing is the ‘greenest’ way to wash your car

  • Washing your car in the driveway causes the water to go into the storm drain. The soapy wash water ends up in our rivers and lakes killing fish and polluting the environment
  • Our proprietary blend of eight solutions are safe for your vehicle and the environment
  • Crew’s locations have water reclamation systems that allow us to filter, clean and re-use some of the water in our wash process.

The Crew Cleaning Method

Our gentle shampoos and other proprietary cleaning products have been developed in a separate division of our company, and contain no acids, caustics, corrosives or phosphates.

Combining soft-cloth cleaners and technologically advanced equipment, our methods are the safest, most effective available for our customers, our personnel and the environment. That’s why they are recommended by most carmakers, and are used in pre-delivery preparation of new vehicles and dealership onsite facilities.