Fundraiser Information Collection

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If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact us at to speak to a member of our Support Crew.

Create Your Organization's Fundraising Webpage

The information provided below will be used to create a fundraising webpage unique to your organization. Upon submission and review of this form, you will receive an email containing a URL you can use in your marketing and promotion efforts to sell eWash tickets for your fundraiser.

Max. file size: 1 MB.
This is how the name will appear on the landing page.


A letter from your organization’s president is required. Please be sure all requirements below are met so there is no delay in the process:

  • The letter must be on the organization letterhead.
  • The letter must state that you are authorized to run the fundraiser.
  • You must include a copy of the organization’s tax exempt certificate (501C 3).
  • The letter must be signed by the president and provide his/her home address and phone number along with yours and your signature – we do not accept P.O. Box addresses (signatures must be original — no computer generated signatures).
  • Confirm your month of participation
  • Include the name that the check should be made out to and the address the check should be mailed to after the sale.
  • If you are the President, we require a second signature & contact information from another board member as the program does not allow for someone to give themselves permission.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

Payment of Funds

A check will be made payable to the organization for 50% of total sales. The check and a report of your sales will be mailed to the address provided by the 15th of the month following your fundraiser.

Please Note

It’s important to double check your information provided in the Fundraiser Description, Organization Name, & Campaign Name above. Once the form has been submitted, we cannot edit or change your information for the fundraiser landing page. Crew Carwash reserves the right to edit or remove any inappropriate items.