Fundraising with Crew Carwash

The fundraiser they want. The convenience you need. 

If you’re looking for maximum profits with minimum effort, Crew makes it easier than ever. Non-profit organizations, athletic teams, service clubs, churches and youth groups are all eligible to sell Crew Carwash coupons or e-washes. Best of all, your group will keep half the proceeds (minus production fee for traditional paper coupons, see Wash Tickets for more details)!

The 30-day (one calendar month) fundraiser has two convenient options: selling paper wash coupons customized with your organization’s name, or the ease of e-washes your group promotes the fundraiser via email, social media, etc. It’s that simple!

A fundraiser that sells itself. Any way you choose:

Traditional, customized paper $10 Carwash or $20 Ultimate coupons in quantities up to 1500.


e-washes—$10 Carwash, $15 Choose Two or $20 Ultimate – you can promote your fundraiser, purchase and share e-washes — all online. Maximize your sales through email, your website and social media! Also, there’s no limit on the quantity of washes you can sell.

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“ We used to wash the cars ourselves. What a mess! We got wet, didn’t do a very good job, polluted the environment, and didn’t raise nearly as much money as we do now.”

Rita Stevens
Junior High School Soccer Team
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Our teams love the Crew Carwash fundraiser.  So many people use Crew that they are easy to sell and a great fundraiser to help our travel baseball teams.”

John Hoffman
Fishers HSE Youth Baseball
Fishers, Indiana

“The fundraiser was easy to set up and the staff was very accommodating. The tickets were super easy to sell and we appreciate how much Crew gives!”

Julie Wilson
Cub Scout Pack
Indianapolis, Indiana