At Crew Carwash, safety is inherent in all we do, every minute of every day. We work hard to ensure a safe wash experience for our customers and a safe workplace for our team members. We are equally committed to keeping our wash process safe for the environment.

Safe for our Customers

  • Our crew is highly trained on how to ensure a safe wash experience for all customers.
  • Our safety committee continually evaluates our wash process and implements policies and procedures to ensure complete safety.
  • Our crew identifies┬ápotential hazards for our customers and take preventive actions (wet surfaces, ice, etc.) at all times.
  • We constantly test and maintain our wash equipment so that we can continue to offer one of the safest wash processes in the country.
  • All Crew managers are certified in first aid and CPR.
  • With millions of customers served each year, no customer has ever been injured as a result of our wash process.

Safe for our Crew Members

  • All team members receive dozens of hours of initial and on-going safety training.
  • We provide our crew with full disclosure of all detergents and products we use in the wash process as well as detailed training and information on safe exposure and handling procedures.
  • All crew members review important safety procedures and principles at monthly team meetings.
  • Workplace related injuries are well below the industry average. We reward outstanding safety records through our Safety Incentives plan.
  • Each Crew Carwash location receives regular, detailed safety audits.
  • We utilize independent, third party testing of all products we use in the wash process to ensure a safe work environment.

Safe for the Environment

  • All water used in our wash process is filtered of harmful waste and impurities before it enters the sewer system.
  • Our wash process actually uses about half as much water as people typically use when they wash their cars by hand.
  • All detergents we use in the wash process are safe for the environment.


Concerned about whether we can safely wash your vehicle?

Please read our Vehicle Restrictions for more information.