Wash Packages

Which wash is best for your vehicle?

Different driving conditions and changing seasons call for different types of washes. Salty roads in winter mean an underbody wash is vital in protecting the critical underside of your vehicle. During the hot summer, you’ll find regular applications of FastWax blanket your vehicle to protect against bird droppings, trees, acid rain and even the sun.

No matter the wash, we guarantee you’ll leave with a vehicle that’s clean, dry and shiny. You’ll start with a Carwash featuring our 8 signature soaps and finish with Crew’s famous heated dryers. What you add to it is up to you.

Crew Special Services

FastWax provides the ultimate UV protection and shine with long-lasting results.  You’ll love the “hand-wax smooth” from Natural Carnauba.

Tire Shine gives your tires a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.

Wheel Bright blasts your wheels to remove brake dust and other road grime.

Underbody Wash removes damaging dirt and salt from underneath your vehicle.

Clear Coat gives you an extra shine and helps water roll off your vehicle’s surface.